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Spirited Away

2022 | Puppet Maker
Toho Studios

Puppetry Designer & Director: Toby Olié
Associate Puppetry Director: Sarah Wright
Puppetry Supervisor: Daisy Beattie
Puppet Makers: Harbour Scenic Ltd (Giant head)

Adaptor & Director: John Caird
Co-Adaptor: Maoko Imai
Set Designer: Jon Bausor
Costume Designer: Sachiko Nakahara
Hair and Make Up Designer: Hiroaki Miyauchi
Choreographer: Shigehiro Ide
Lighting Designer: Jiro Katsushiba
Sound Designer: Koichi Yamamoto

Assisted in the making of Toby Olie's "Angry Yubaba" puppet. Puppet design was based on the iconic Studio Ghibli character. Puppet was CNC carved.

Jobs: scrimming, polycarving back of puppet, creating handles, creating tongue base, creating teeth & teeth base. 

Photos from various media outlets and Toby Olié

Puppet Production:
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