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Gus the Bangus

2023 | Puppet Designer, Maker, & Puppeteer
Puppet Theater Manila

Puppet Makers: Mikayla Teodoro & Rodj Abilende

Paper Bangus design by: Benjor Catindig

Workshop Facilitator: Enzo Canon

Created a puppet for the GALILA Arts Festival in Pangasinan, Philippines. He was made out of foam, canvas, and bamboo and painted vibrant colours to match the colours of the festival. Gus is based on the local community's number one export, Bangus (Milk Fish). He was puppeteered around the district to introduce puppetry to those who had never seen it before.

I, along with Puppet Theater Manila, devised two workshops to make puppets with members of the district. The first was for children aged 5-12 to create paper fish puppets. We allowed them to decorate the puppets, attach them to sticks, then taught basics of puppeteering. For the adult class, we designed and created foam and canvas puppets that they designed. Since this was more advanced, we talked about more specific principles of puppetry.


Photos from GALILA Arts Festival

Kids Puppet Workshop:
Adult Puppet Workshop:
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