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Doctor Who 2023 Specials

2023 | Puppeteer & On-Set CFX Wrangler

CFX Supervisor & Puppeteer: Brian Fisher

Lead Model Makers & Puppeteers: Eliot Gibbens

& Olivia Racionzer

Puppeteer: Sara-Jane Waters

CFX Trainee: Harry Pizzey & Oscar Morris

Puppet Makers: Mollie Carter, Al Sadler, Oscar Morris, Vada Baldwin, & Sandra Gustafsson

Was involved in the puppetry/CFX sequences of the 2023 Doctor Who specials of episodes "Wild Blue Yonder" and "The Giggle." During the shoot I was put on as an emergency puppeteer to help with the bigger sequences and made sure that puppets were in their respective sets and were maintained properly throughout the shoot. 

Clips taken from BBC's behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube.

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