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Snow White & the Prince

2023 | Set & Puppet Design
Repertory Philippines
2023 Broadway World Nomination

Direction: Joy Virata

Costume Design: Raven Ong

Lighting Design: John Batalla

Set Construction: Sinag Arts and Repertory Philippines

Set CAD Plans: Wrenc Chuico

Scenic Painting: Adul Locsin

Puppet Maker: Rodj Abilende

Designed the set and puppet for Repertory Philippines' "Snow White and the Prince." Created a story book world rooted in Art Nouveau motifs and colours from around the world. I digitally rendered the set panels myself and it was printed on tarpaulin and painted over by the scenic artist. The set features the dwarves' house that opens and closes like a dollhouse and an ogre is depicted through a puppet that is made out of mining tools.

Photos from various sources.

Design Process:
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